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Initiatives of the Institute

Reducing CO2 emissions and saving petroleum resources are urgent issues that are common throughout the world.
In the industrial world as well, advanced technology for utilizing biomass, which has carbon-neutral properties, has attracted attention as a promising and indispensable industrial technology in the future, and is now the target of global development competition.
This institute will create innovative results by conducting research related to the development of high-strength composite materials for cellulosic biomass centered on woody biomass and the development of new materials with high added value.

Main research theme

①Development of flame-retardant materials for resins using biomass
② Effective production method and functionalization of cellulose nanofiber crystal (CNC)
③Development of cellulosic resin with thermoplasticity


・Flame-retardant plastic, flame-retardant wood plastic
・CNC reinforced composite material, CNC heat conductive composite material
・CNF non-woven fabric, functional CNF filter